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REVIEW: The Weather Man

June 5th 2008 14:36
Directed: Gore Verbinski (The Ring, The Mexican, Pirates Of The Caribbean)

Written: Steve Conrad (The Pursuit Of Happyness)

Starring: Nicolas Cage (Adaptation, The Family Man, Moonstruck), Michael Cain (Children Of men, The Cider House Rules, Miss Congeniality), Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy, Kidulthood, TVs Skins)

When i see Nicolas Cage in something good like this (or Adaptation) i really wonder why he agrees the appear in such complete tripe the majority of the time, maybe idiodic action flicks are more fun to film or maybe they just guarentee to bring home the bacon, but i think its a shame hes such a sell-out because the man has serious depth and talent and will occassionally blow you away with a character (rather than a missile explosion). The Weather Man is a beautiful tale of a selfish man, David Spritz (Cage) being forced to assess his life and his priorites due to a series of problems with his children, ex-wife, and genius father (Caine) . . . Michael Caine is brilliant as usual as a well regarded academic and writer whos one real failure in life has been his son and he is trying to use his dying days to show him what he has to do to be happy . . . the relationship between Cage and Caine is magical and their converations are powerful and compelling. This is a story about accepting who you are and making the best of things . . . making an effort to pay attention to the needs of your loved ones . . . making time to listen and understand. The Weather Man looks at social identity and responsibility and the race against time im a funny, genuine and offbeat way. This film is carefully crafted with striking colour and beautiful winter locations and stylised interiors which are littered with symbolism. There is much to appreciate in this well-rounded classic piece of cinema.

Michael Caine and Nicolas Cage in The Weather Man


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6 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by mr_tza

June 6th 2008 03:10
I totally agree. I really liked this film and as for Adaptation thats in my top 10. Cage seems to go good film pay-day film. You would think he has enough money not to compromise his cred

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 6th 2008 03:14
hi mr tza,
yes a "pay-day" film, that is an excellent description!
hey, his block buster shoot-em-up blow-em-up movies are extremely popular and have raised his profile big time . . . i just wish he would play a character piece like this more often, it really suits him!
thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

Comment by Priyanka

June 9th 2008 10:38
I kind of agree though I really like some off his action films like The Rock.... but ya I seem to see him in like a really good film and then the next movie I watch of his, barely has anything for me to watch in it!

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 9th 2008 11:46
hi Priyanka,
some of the Cage action flicks are alot better than others, but like most "explosion" films there isnt alot of character development so Cage doesnt get to show off his whole range . . . i thought Face Off, Con Air and Ghost Rider were particularly stupid but The Rock and Gone In Sixty Seconds were quite enjoyable . . . i can see why someone like Arnie stuck to action/comedy as he wasnt a great actor but i just think Cage has so much dramatic potential he should tap into more often!
thanks for the comment!

Comment by Priyanka

June 13th 2008 21:55
I did not particularly like Nicolas Cage because I had seen face off and stuff... but then I saw the Captain Corelli's Mandolin, thats when I paid more attention to him.

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 14th 2008 03:57
hi Priyanka,
id say his performance in Moonstruck and Adaptation are probably my favourites

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