NARRATIVE: Following strict ethics and rules, Nicky is a character who is very well doing conman. He retains the radar off of the cops by choosing size in figures somewhat than solitary huge ‘idea’ that will attract attention that is unwelcome. The story is about how he comes across Jess who is talented but not experienced in the field of robbery. However he fascinated to see her really more skilled than he would have ever thought.

FOCUS REVIEW: The trick to becoming a real fast hustler who will swipe at someone else’s wrist watch without getting noticed is Focus, believed Nicky. Focus and deviation that is adroit. He directs a bunch of robbers who will put together clean a little city from its belongings.

The lovely Jess practically takes Nicky to the cleaners, when he is out to dine one fine night and there he views how good she is.

Then follows is a great deal of smart banter among the two, with a lot wagging of watches, possessions and wallets until finally Nicky comprehends this particular excited pussy could just be the companion in felony he usually sought after – it’s possible that a lot more or even an equivalent.


But while there’s honor among the robbers, there must be no reason to love in their own hazardous sport. Love, feels Nicky, could mess up things and head to blunders. He holds up himself from anymore plunging for her, and then just while he feels he is now in the clear, Jess transforms up in a totally assorted state and this when he did not anticipated it.

This movie is predominantly the chemistry amongst the two leading pair that renders this film kind of rewarding. Robbie brings out sexy appeal, susceptibility and strength in identical quantify. Jones mouths his traces with enhanced panache but, his character does not just come the way as all understand it always. Garriga (Who plays Santoro) is effective as a businessmen and his associate Owens has his reveal of liners. Focus comes out as sleek a con-man flick as it is profited by its great script that maintains everything playful.

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